Tips for giving virtual interviews & Etiquette

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Tips for giving virtual interviews & Etiquette

These days’ many of interviews are happening over the virtual mode. Virtual interview is an interview that takes place remotely, sometimes over the phone, laptop or computer but often using technology like video conferencing and other online communication platforms. Virtual interviews are often conducted much the same way as face-to-face interviews. Often, virtual interviewing will be conducted like a traditional interview. However, interviewing by video requires more thought about body language, facial expressions and non-verbal communication. These are harder to convey and interpret than during a face-to-face interview.

Here’s a summary of the key areas to prepare for your video interview

  • Sent your Resume in PDF format
  • Picking the Right social media/ virtual Profile Picture 
  • Avoid using caller tune/ heavy caller tune
  • Prepare and test your technology
  • Find a quiet space with minimal distractions 
  • Dress for an in-person interview 
  • Show that you can fit in with their company culture 
  • Try not to interrupt the interviewer 
  • Turn off notifications
  • Have a backup plan
  • Send an Email after a virtual interview

Sent your Resume in PDF format:

Submit or Send your curriculum vita or resume in PDF or Word doc format ,once you depart from these two common file types, there’s no guarantee that the person on the other end has the software necessary to open your resume, and if they can’t open it, they’re just going to move on to the next candidate.

Picking the Right social media/virtual Profile Picture & Post:

Your profile picture is a key element of your Virtual presence. Make sure your profile picture is up to date and reflects how you look on a daily basis in professional dress up. Do not use your adorable pet’s picture or your gym mirror selfie in your DP. You should also careful about your social media posts & shares stories because your Social Media Page may reflect your Political views, nature & behavior.

Avoid using caller tune/ heavy caller tune.

Caller tunes are subject to personal choices but here are a few simple protocols for selecting caller tunes –

The song should be pleasant to hear. No abusive/defamatory language. Avoid songs with heavy guitar distortions or heavy musical effects as the quality of music over phone deteriorates.

You can avoid using caller tunes in your professional contact number with which you interact with your colleagues/superiors/clients.

Prepare and test your technology:

Don’t forget to check you have a reliable internet connection and make sure your camera and microphone are working properly. What interview platform will they be using? Is it an MS Teams interview, a zoom call or a Google hangout? Find out in advance so that you fully understand how to use it when the interview comes around. Practice so that the technology will feel invisible to you and your interviewer. You can practice with anyone — it doesn’t have to be a professional connection.

Find a quiet location with minimal distractions:

Set yourself up in a room with good lighting you can sit next to or close to a window so that you can be seen clearly on the computer screen. Sitting in front of a blank wall will ensure that you’re the main point of the conversation. Some interview platforms give the option to choose an alternative background or blur yours out you can use it too.

If you live with family members or roommates, let them know what’s happening so they don’t interrupt in the middle of your interview, or make any unnecessary noise. Though it’s not always possible to limit distractions and remove external noises entirely, you can take to ensure your room is as quiet as possible. 

Dress for an in-person interview:

Dress as you would for an in-person interview. For men, that might mean a button-up shirt, and formal pant, while women should consider salwar suit or formal saree. Professional clothing will show you’re serious about the position. The main way to communicate confidence is to sit up straight, smile, and keep the camera at eye level.

Show that you can fit in with their company culture:

Do your research before the interview to make sure you’re clear on what the company values are, and make sure you’re expressive when answering questions. This will make it easier for the hiring manager to understand your enthusiasm and passion for the company. 

Try not to interrupt the interviewer:

 Be mindful of talking over your interviewer. Pause for a moment before answering questions. This will give you the opportunity to ensure they’ve finished speaking and will give you a moment to frame your answer as well.

Turn off notifications:

Turn off your cell phone notification. Add this to your pre-interview checklist! Also make sure to turn off notifications for other online services that might ping, ring, or otherwise play a jaunty tune and distract you from your interview.

Have a backup plan:

No matter how much you prepare, a video tool can break. Do a test run the day of your interview to make sure everything is still working, and be prepared to send an alternate suggestion, such as a traditional phone call, to the interviewers in case your technology fails.

Send an Email after a virtual interview:

As with an in-person interview, it’s always a nice touch to send your interviewer a short email thanking them for their time and to leave a lasting impression.


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